The morning horn gives a call
When I dance by the mall
In poetrys crystal hall
Saying that Ieave all
And row downas a ball
Fast and not as a doll

But to leave poetrys ray
And row down where riches lay
To leave in a wealthy way
Which could cost me a sad day
It was better I hd my prey
Which is none but poetrys rey

If I go down from poetrys rick
I think I would go sick
When I try to tossingly pick
From riches golden brick
Which appears as a trick
I think I would die quick

For I know I'll one day climb
To poetrys golden clime
Through its silvern lime
Which never cost a dime
But only a sufficient time
To get all itstreasure rime

Give me poetry or I die
For it vessels never lie
And would take me high
Even higher than I try
As it's well never run dry
And can of all treasure buy