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Williams chidiebube Emmanuel is a young dynamic focused writer born on June 1 2004 that hails from isi-ala mbano local government in imo state,Nigeria.He lives in Port Harcourt where he had his secondary education.He hopes to study law but his unquenchable interest in poetry drives him into poem composures.He also has few books in edition.He is the first son of a renowned legal practitioner:Barr Emmanuel chidi osibie esq. The poet bears E.C.Williams as short...
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  • Limerick To My Humble Ally
    Your humility create in me much delight,
    And the virtues in you appear so bright,

    You are humble, ...
  • My Blind Love For You
    No, not you buy her,
    Yes the one behind your back,
    She holding the blue sack,
    The one arrayed in rags. ...
  • Limerick To My Love Merelinda
    More than the morning sun's ray you shine
    More exceedingly sweeter than the sweetest wine

    I love your way ...
  • Limerick Of The Sun's Blissful Ray
    Nothing is more sweeter than the Sun's blissful ray,
    It calls and make for a sorely bright wonderful day,

    It's ray is bright, ...
  • Limerick Of A Wise Man
    I need not of silver and gold but a good name
    For it willattract to me an exceeding fame,

    Riches are vanity, ...
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barrister emma osibie: we are not getting your poems and publications , why?

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