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Weldon Kees Books, Weldon Kees poetry book Communication and Media Ethics Authors: Nathalie Hyde-Clarke
Publisher: Juta and Company Ltd
Published Date: 2011
Categories: Journalistic ethics
Ethics in the media is a topic of some heated discussion right now in South Africa and is clearly a challenge to practitioners as well as students of communication and media studies. This book introduces and grapples with notions of ethical principles and practices, and how these may be applied in a diverse and challenging local context that is still undergoing political and policy transformation. This timely book has been written by reputable South African academics in the field. To enhance active learning practices, each chapter starts with Key Terms and Concepts. Relevant South African examples are provided to demonstrate the applicability of theoretical frameworks. To assist with the consolidation process, each chapter ends with Topics/Questions for Discussion.

Weldon Kees Books, Weldon Kees poetry book Fall Quarter Authors: Weldon Kees
Published Date: 1990
Categories: Fiction
William Clay, a naive English instructor, arrives at a small midwestern college to take up his first full-time teaching assignmemt, and falls in love with Dorothy Bruce, a radio singer

Weldon Kees Books, Weldon Kees poetry book Weldon Kees and the Midcentury Generation Authors: Weldon Kees
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
Published Date: 2003-06-01
Categories: Literary Collections
Before he vanished in the fog of San Francisco, Weldon Kees (1914?55) was a poet, storyteller, critic, painter, musician, and filmmaker. What remains is a body of work and a large collection of letters that shed light on Kees?s complex personality. Robert E. Knoll traces the odyssey of a Nebraska boy who made his way in a fiercely competitive national scene, befriending the movers and shakers of the art worlds on both coasts. Kees?s letters?satirical, witty, poetic, gossipy, intensely individual?provide the feel of lives being lived, of a career going forth, and finally, of the darkness that engulfed him when, in Knoll's phrase, he was "ten minutes from triumph."

Weldon Kees Books, Weldon Kees poetry book The Collected Poems of Weldon Kees Authors: Weldon Kees
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
Published Date: 2003
Categories: Poetry
The Collected Poems of Weldon Kees showcases the dark brilliance of one of America's most fascinating artistic and literary figures, Weldon Kees (1914-55). --University of Nebraska Press.

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