Weldon Kees Away Poems

  • 1.
    The state cracked where they left your breath
    No longer instrument. Along the shore
    The sand ripped up, and the newer blood
    Streaked like a vein to every monument.
  • 2.
    Then walk the floor, or twist upon your bed
    While bullets, cold and blind, rush backward from the targetâ??s eye,
    And say, â??I will not dream that dream again. I will not dream
    Of long-spent whispers vanishing down corridors
  • 3.
    To Ernest Brace

    "And when the seven thunders had uttered their voices, I was
    about to write: and I heard a voice from heaven saying unto
  • 4.
    â??I want to get away somewhere and re-read Proust,â?
    Said an editor of Fortune to a man on Time.
    But the fire roared and died, the phoenix quacked like a goose,
    And all roads to the country fray like shawls
  • 5.
    Butcher the evil millionaire, peasant,
    And leave him stinking in the square.
    Torture the chancellor. Leave the ambassador
    Strung by his thumbs from the pleasant
  • 6.
    Last summer, in the blue heat,
    Over the beach, in the burning air,
    A legless beggar lurched on calloused fists
    To where I waited with the sun-dazed birds.
  • 7.
    â??Others at their porches ...â?

    â??I baited bears and prayed. The Queen
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