God forbids laziness,
But no! Poverty has taught me to be.
Malnutrition snacks; I do not want,
I'm kind to my problem,
Offer me rather heavy food
That fall straight under my belly's bottom.
Sweet my mouth is,
It is right, my ears are sharp
To attenuate me appetite.
See, my eyes are not black
But poverty taught me to be. . .
To be haughty of things that endure,
My eyes fickle lightning bolts,
They strike abreast your goodies!
Do not beat laziness out of a mortal me
Dear fellow,
I am honest, my hands are clean:
I did not intend,
I did not mean to hurt you
But poverty taught me to be
Miserable and a tax collector from your
Salary balance in the purse or wallet,
Look at me brother,
Please, sister drool your piteous eyes at me;
Poverty has cracked completely the buttocks of my clothes,
On the streets daily employed me to collect tithes
From your earnings of the month,
Please, all these, not me
But poverty taught me to be!