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  • Eve Of Twenty Twenty Two
    When you look at your back,
    And count the days plucked
    And looking, counting, to remember.
    O, may this day be last of December! ...
  • Once Love Was
    When love was not
    Love was
    When I was loved
    Love, never did I know ...
  • Anyaka Maleng!
    Laber! Cung kong,
    Cung kong apenyi
    Nyapa Ojwiya.
    Winya kong, cung iwinya: ...
  • Dark Shadow
    Sun, you made me black
    And original
    At this festival,
    When you are dying ...
  • Go Gentle, Sir Agula, Go Gentle
    Go gentle, go gentle into such cave
    Which that is dug open by fierce free slaves
    Go gentle, Sir! Go gentle, go well
    As tears tear path through the weary tamed cheeks ...
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Heavy 6 Black 5 Long 4 Sweet 4 Face 4 Tongue 3 Voice 3 True 3 Speak 3 Head 3

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  • One day you'll leave the world behind, so, live a life people can remember of you.
  • Truth ceases to be truth if told by a liar.
  • Success is reaching a point at an unfinished journey.
  • Poems are words that provide sound for the noise made in music.
  • Beautiful men make their wives handsome.
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