A Lost Soul Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Everyone comes and goesA
Who can stay for meB
I m so lost and aloneC
But it seems no one caresD
I m trampled onE
Who can rescue meB
Slowly I m fading awayF
But where are you nowG
I can t moveH
I m stuck in the same cycleI
Generations comes and goesA
But no one notices meB
I m so visibleI
But yet I m invisibleI
Hey you I m talking to youJ
Guess whatK
Another just passed againL
I m so coldM
But no one offered a blanketK
Now I know why everyone runs awayF
My frosty nature pushes them awayF
I wasn t always stone coldM
Loneliness became my friendN
Now my walls are so highO
Who can defrost meB

Victoria James
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 09/11/2020

Poet's note: This is a story about a lady who has bad luck in love...she gradually became scared and withdrawn because she believes no one can care or love her enough...this poem means a lot to me and it’s dedicated to my friend and I hope she gets over it.


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