Vasko Popa Face Poems

  • 1.
    Give me back my rags

    My rags of pure dreaming
    Of silk smiling of striped foreboding
  • 2.
    Just come to my mind
    My thoughts will scratch out your face

    Just come into my sight
  • 3.
    I've wiped your face off my face
    Ripped your shadow off my shadow

    Leveled the hills in you
  • 4.
    From the wrinkle between my brows
    You watch till day breaks
    On my face

  • 5.
    Look here's that uninvited
    Alien presence look it's here

    A shudder on the ocean of tea in the cup
  • 6.
    Toothed eyes fly
    Over still waters

    Around us purple lips
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