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George Canning (11 April 1770 – 8 August 1827) was a British Tory statesman. He held various senior cabinet positions under numerous prime ministers, including two important terms as Foreign Secretary, finally becoming Prime Minister of the United Kingdom for the last 118 days of his life, from April to August 1827.

The son of an actress and a failed businessman and lawyer, Canning was supported financially by his uncle, Stratford Canning, which allowed him to attend Eton College and Christ Church, Oxford. Canning entered politics in 1793 and rose rapidly. He was Paymaster of the Forces (1800–1801) and Treasurer of the Navy (1804–1806) under William Pitt the Younger. Canning was Foreign Secretary (1807–1809) under the Duke of Portland. Canning was the dominant figure in t...
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George Canning Poems

  • Song, Of One Eleven Years In Prison

    Whene'er with haggard eyes I view
    This dungeon that I'm rotting in, ...
  • Knife-grinder, The
    Friend of Humanity

    "Needy Knife-grinder! whither are you going?
    Rough is the road, your wheel is out of order, ...
  • Elderly Gentleman, The
    By the side of a murmuring stream an elderly gentleman sat.
    On the top of his head was a wig, and a-top of his wig was his hat.

    The wind it blew high and blew strong, as the elderly gentleman sat; ...
  • The Pilgrimage To Mecca
    What holy rites Mohammed's laws ordain,
    What various duties bind his faithful train,--
    What pious zeal his scatter'd tribes unites
    In fix'd observance of these holy rites,-- ...
  • The New-old Opposition
    It is said, the Great Men, who are seized with the pouts,
    At their suddenly alter'd condition;
    Who so late were the Ins, and so soon were the Outs,
    Have decreed a severe Opposition. ...
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Thomasmorgan142: honourable mentioned to arthur wellesley, duke of wellington for forming a caretaker government after the fall of sir robert peel, which lasted 25 days in the winter of 1834….the winner would be george canning
Crbritchie: george canning lasted 119 days; truss has to last until 3rd january, or else she'll be our shortest-reigning pm ever
Themightyhutch: truss is barrelling towards breaking george canning's record of 119 days in charge, and there's a chance that she'll get replaced by rishi sunak, who will also be the shortest prime minister.
Jasonreifler: boris johnson reportedly said his goal was to become the longest serving pm in british history. while he came up rather short, the other side of that record seems pretty attainable for the new pm. (wikipedia says george canning currently holds the record at 119 days.)
Sarahballard: the shortest-serving pm, george canning, lasted for 119 days, which now sounds quite long, i think.
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