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Vasko Popa 1990. Vasile "Vasko" Popa (Serbian Cyrillic: Васко Попа; June 29, 1922 – January 5, 1991) was a Serbian poet of Romanian descent.

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Vasko Popa Poems

  • The Admirers Of The Little Box
    Sing little box

    Don't let sleep overtake you
    The world's awake within you ...
  • Wedding
    Each strips his own skin
    Each bares his own constellation
    Which has never seen the night
  • Far Within Us #1
    We raise our arms
    The street climbs into the sky
    We lower our eyes
    The roofs go down into the earth ...
  • Far Within Us #4
    Green gloves rustle
    On the avenue's branches

    The evening carries us under its arm ...
  • The Benefactors Of The Little Box
    We'll return the little box
    Into the arms
    Of her inconspicuously honest properties
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World 8 Earth 7 Face 6 Open 5 Sky 4 Head 4 Skin 4 Time 4 Walk 3 Game 3

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  • Draganvavan: . give me back my rags my raglets of pure dream of silken smiles striped premonition vasko popa . give me back my rags by dragan todorović
  • Gayle_dallas: give me back my rags my rags of pure dreaming of silk smiling of striped foreboding of my cloth of lace my rags of spotted hope of burnished desire of chequered glances of skin from my face give me back my rags give me when i ask you nicely —vasko popa
  • Maraaaks: “the streets of your views they have no end swallows from your pupils they are moving south from the aspen in your chest the leaves do not fall in the sky of your words the sun doesn't set " vasko popa/im
  • Lighghghght: “seeds” by vasko popa, from his wonderful sequence of games, translated by simic. popa died 30 years ago today.
  • Maraaaks: "you meet her in one of the sun's rays on the only road that leads somewhere she laughs and a smile maintains balance you meet her and you don't believe her you will never believe it that you met her." vasko popa photo by ivan nivan, drava
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