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Vasile "Vasko" Popa (Serbian Cyrillic: Васко Попа; June 29, 1922 – January 5, 1991) was a Serbian poet.


Popa was born in the village of Grebenac (Romanian: Grebenaţ), Vojvodina, Yugoslavia (present-day Serbia). After finishing high school, he enrolled as a student at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Philosophy. He continued his studies at the University of Bucharest and in Vienna. During World War II, he fought as a partisan and was imprisoned in a German concentration camp in Bečkerek (today Zrenjanin, Serbia).

After the war in 1949, Popa graduated from the Romanic group of the Faculty of P...
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Vasko Popa Poems

  • The Admirers Of The Little Box
    Sing little box

    Don't let sleep overtake you
    The world's awake within you ...
  • Wedding
    Each strips his own skin
    Each bares his own constellation
    Which has never seen the night
  • Far Within Us #1
    We raise our arms
    The street climbs into the sky
    We lower our eyes
    The roofs go down into the earth ...
  • Far Within Us #4
    Green gloves rustle
    On the avenue's branches

    The evening carries us under its arm ...
  • The Benefactors Of The Little Box
    We'll return the little box
    Into the arms
    Of her inconspicuously honest properties
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Comments about Vasko Popa

Maraaaks: "a day rich in your arms i wear young fir trees along the view i'm planting through the cities of your silence i'm walking your eyelashes with dew i'm taking off my clothes i'm tying a slender night around your waist a caring dawn from the rooftops is calling" vasko popa
Jakewildhall: this vasko popa quote in the intro to his selected poems (intro written by simic.) might just describe poems perfectly.
Infinita_fiori: once upon a time there was a triangle it had three sides the fourth it kept hidden in its burning centre. vasko popa
Maureenthorson: oh sigh, oh me oh my. i do so love to be definitively yet mysteriously menaced, a la vasko popa’s “the little box.”
Unjustlyunread: and now i remember vasko popa's "chair" (trans. pennington and jones)
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