Vasko Popa Earth Poems

  • 1.
    We raise our arms
    The street climbs into the sky
    We lower our eyes
    The roofs go down into the earth
  • 2.
    Don't open the little box
    Heaven's hat will fall out of her

    Don't close her for any reason
  • 3.
    Someone hides from someone else
    Hides under his tongue
    The other looks for him under the earth

  • 4.
    The little box gets her first teeth
    And her little length
    Little width little emptiness
    And all the rest she has
  • 5.
    Enough chattering violets enough sweet trash
    I won't hear anything know anything
    Enough enough of all

  • 6.
    Toothed eyes fly
    Over still waters

    Around us purple lips
  • 7.
    Some bite from the others
    A leg an arm or whatever

    Take it between their teeth
Total 7 Earth Poems by Vasko Popa

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