Doesn't blood of innocence have any value to them,
don't shatter hopes make them cry ???
Don't they have a sense to think about sensitive hearts?
Don't they know this ??
Haven't they heard this ??
Oppression is a debt
Don't they know about the process which is known as “Reward of action”.

Tears of blood flow to the eyes
Many hearts die, ability to think starts to disappear
They still have no mercy, no mercy for those who are suffering much without any reason
They kill those who are pure Hearted
Their hands are Red by innocence's blood
Still their hands are not numbed

Why are they so fearless
Don't they just know
That Allah is watching
have they not heard that
Oppression, when it reaches
Its limits, disappears??

This is their biggest mistake that
Their oppression is everlasting
You know what?
It's not just for today
It's not just for tomorrow
It's from ages to ages,

It's not just from Indians
It's not just for Kashmirs
It's not just from Israelis
It's not just for Palestine's
It's for right from wrong
It's not just a war between them,
It's not just for a piece of land
It's a war between wrong and right
It's just to make us wounded

You don't only pay to being always wrong
Sometimes being right will make you suffer more
being right is a crime nowadays which will cost you a lot.

This oppression will be going to end soon
Crying children, dead bodies, streets full of blood
And this desolate times all are witnesses
This, that their oppression is temporary
Allah is watching, and He will never ever let wrong
Grows to tall for ages,

Last but not the least, they will pay for what they're doing, and soon all those who are suffering will going to get the everlasting reward
All those who only complain Allah will be going to get the everlasting love of Him
All those who ended life while quoting “we will be going to complain him will be going to be in the place of those who got the great attention of Him the created

Show patience, be brave right is right even tho
they are not able to consider it right, and yes
Wrong is wrong even when they're considering
It right, hope He (God) will going to do justice so and the Truth will be going to be appearing as a shinning God soon.

Soon In SHA Allah, right will going to capture the hearts of many and wrong will going to be disappearing soon,