I'm the villain

Let's not start with questions like why,
But lemme answer you this way
When I said I was good you said it was just a mood

When I tried to show you that I wasn't trash you went on and mashed my heart
Tell me why do you think you can judge me off by the cover of my book have you taken time to read it out

Yes I am villain
Because every single time I tried to prove I'm a hero you showed me I was a zero
Now this me the villain you created

I wanted till I came to a point I wanted no more

I thought I could mend my ways but you brought up all the crap I did

And proved I always have been a joke no joker cause you mocked , locked and kicked me out of your silly circle
Now I'm in my own theory

So who am I
Lemme answer for you
I'm a villain
You say I'm am evil
Well I am
You say I'm heartless
Yes I am
You say I'm damnit
Yes I am
Yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!!
I m!!!!! A!!!! villain!!!!!!!

No wait wait

Why would you a freaky human like me try to judge like me you've got your mess only that you've focused on mine
So I'm a villain guess who is too
You can't judge me you can't chain me
You can't tell me who o am I am what I am I am what I am am what I was I am what I will be
Iiiim!!! Nothing