Lose it all for him

If I had one last breath I’ll take the breath for him
If I had a second to live I’ll make it count
If I had one penny left I’ll give it to him
If the outcome suits me not I’ll still lose it all
Lose it all lose it all lose all I have to him

For him my all is, my heart and my soul
The price for our souls he paid slaves of Christ we are!
Though the waning of my flesh my soul he’ll restore
My days end, my soul Satan clings, He’ll bring it home
I will lose it all, my life and time for my king

Cares, wealth, family and friends, will I lose for him
The glory of the earth lost for heaven’s glory
The earth’s dust lost for the glory of heaven’s coat
My will and Strength all for thy will is lost to thee
Lose all I am for all he is count it not loss

Losing what the world offers for bliss in heaven
Will I endure to the end my king watches still
The God of Israel gives to me power and strength
He is my salvation daily bearing me up
The cares of the world I lose for the love of Christ.


Time listens, body singing chords that time has struck
Left to the path we all go, we find the bells
We should heed the warning that the cymbals bring
Days are evil all we can do is to heed
Time plays, we play but we should make the best play

We lose only what we have, time we do have
Played into our song is what we sing in days
The voice of months we tell with what we compose
The pieces of music we all have to make
Our music is only what we have composed

If we find light in our music it was there
We see its fruits because it was visible
Spurned by evil we’ve chosen light and its fruits
Deemed to fail we have set in motion success
We of no accord have given light our hearts

What music have we heard? What have we composed?
Where is the song of our days and of our months?
What is the music we produced, fair or bad?
We decide what great a piece we make with time
It’s what we put in that is our music


We have a person we built, a pillar we hold
It comes to from what we valued, castles we build
Some build their castles in the sky, it all but falls
Where have you built yours? In the sky or on the ground
We hope to be, the power to be rests on him

We find in life’s journey that our strength becomes weak
We rely on our strength to fail but not with him
To trust in tomorrow on our strength we will lose
Time and seasons he created, our life he founded
To trust in him we decided in him we rest

Life built on love, fear for once has been defeated
Castles we build not, we wait for that which he builds
We can flock with the shepherd, our life he guides home
We trust not in strength that fails we lean on God’s strength
The grace to stand firm in him it lays Christ my love!

Fountain of love, mountain of grace God has given
Our life in his hands, shield from the bands of evil
Beauty he has made from the molding of our clay
Vessels unto honor we are, glory to God!
He has formed man in his image and we’re alive!

Little Children

O Lord, we the little children come to thee
With hearts full of thanks to your bank we pay to
Bless us as we grow and with your might guide us
We know not how to go we’re little children we are

Your power in us gives life and we rejoice
Help us when we fear and wipe our tears of pain
Give us joy when sad, hope instead of despair
“Let them come to me” Christ said to you we come

As we are singing teach us to love all you’ve made
As we pray, we pray for those who are in need
We the little children come to the father
We have an inheritance in God’s kingdom

Little children who Jesus loves and keeps safe
Angels guide our hearts and protect our young dreams
Jesus’ love for all, the world has found light in him
Little children shine your light let the world see

Diamonds live forever!

A gem buried in the ground, found by the seeker
A dull face, comes to grace when cut and polished
Beauty and light finds it after it is refined
We go so far into the ground to find diamonds
Hidden by God, teaching that strength isn’t found easy

Strength unrivalled beauty with no comparison
Patterns arising Shaping the stone to form a gem
From the deep bed of the earth roses have been plucked
To pass through the hand who fashions it’s crude to wealth
All for a stone but not ordinary strength found

Made by God, kept for man to create such wonder
Some just see the wonders finding not one to bother
Amazing strength was found in no fairer mother
Diamonds are made to live forever not falter
Are you a diamond, cut and refined by your father?

Diamond lamps that would not break, though evil tries hard
Lighted by the light of the world, to shine in it
Made to serve with strength, to stand the wiles of evil
He is the Wonderful Counselor, Prince of Peace
We are diamonds we will shine and live forever!