Scenes in our minds leave the sins to the Light and kind
Tune into the memories of our past cages found
Could we let to heart new beginnings step in light
The methods we’ve kept are they still kind to our hearts
At that place where we rise see the summit with love

Hold your hands to the skies pray for the rains, blessings
We might not see but we hold still, lenses brew grace
Though they might be cloudy by seeming trials still
Hope’s alive and we are sure we will find a way
Messages of love filling our hearts we’re joyful

It could’ve been, we could’ve seen what matters is what is done
A place we leave chains of the past for future wings
Our hearts bow to him who holds our being and we sing
Placards angels hold high only faith read its words
Refined in Life’s trials we burn to shine brighter

Who has held unto the maze, Do you know the craze?
Swimming in life’s pool we found out faith’s an ocean
Who claimed the victory is it the strong or love?
We step into grace because his love’s sufficient
Let’s open the vault of strength, leave the faults