It's another night
Unlike the wonted times, this one's a deviation
It's been a whole boresome day
After the hustles & bustles of life

The moon's out!
It illuminates the little it can
With the help of the staring stars, a somewhat unfathomable sight is captured

But it doesn't really seem to pass a message
Rather it reincarnates a regrettable memory
You were niched in love
You wondered if time didn't take it's course, and all of this was a mere facade

Those moments you did spend together didn't seem as though it would birth this aftermath
Your eyes being closed the whole time
You teleported back in time, and saw yr life in a retrospect
You couldn't help but cry to soothe yrself

That obsolete voice of his whispers into your seemly unconscious mind
You both left the niche and wandered as solitary beings
Not minding the aftermath of the separation
Those last words of his, still rings every night like an alarm in your ears
It all started a night, and ended another...