You must be angry with me
Thinking I'm an asshole
You think I'm not into you
But I actually am

We no longer chat like before, you become bored
It's no longer a norm for me to send u messages
I'm not replying your messages in time
You get pissed with me
You think I've absconded!
You bury yourself in doubt!

Different thoughts start to rumble through yr mind!
"Has he left me"
But there's that feeling!
That feeling that assures u I wouldn't do such

Pardon me for the times I ignorantly disacknowledged yr presence
Pardon me
Though it may seem all this is a mirage
It isn't
You still have a place in my heart

What's left is for me is to outpace time and be with you forever
I can't just forget u
I don't mean to flatter you but i think you're my incentive
Hardly can I do anything without you
Though you may not know

It's just that I've been busy and have to meet up with life's demands
Like it's often said every beginning has an end
But our end is just a forerunner of the beginning of us
We're still stitched love's fabric
I'm still into u
I'm nothing without you

Those days were memorable
Unlike now
With time all this will be over
And I'll make it up to you