Expect but definitely not material possessions

For he, in his art is rich but only with words

And with them you will be feed and clothed

He's an art god

From the lineage of the god of creativity

Speaking of the known and unknown things

And will crown you queen with ballads

Crafted with the last strength of his heart

Your name, he will inscribe on the sand of time

Where none can erase


You are but a messenger

Sent to deliver him of

The pregnancy of unsung songs.

And like a midwife

Be sure you bath his new born with spring of water

Flowing from the well of your heart.

Love found me

Picked me up from the lowest to a higher point

Abandoning my physical oddness

Not minding my short comings

Accepting me where others reject

And with a tender look in her eyes

She spoke words of healing to my soul

With no words spoken.

This kind of love made Godly and family love

Let it be known from here
Today and forever. Love found me!