I now made secret enemies
With the way I look at the world
In my rare view
And there are some who couldn't help
But come out
To tell that, because you now write
You think you know everything.

I look at them and smiled
And wonder why any will ever envy a poet
For only the bird seated on a naked wire will tell how it manage to survive

Well, I live in a society where everyone is allowed a voice over issues
But not me because I write?
And it intimidate them?
It has been this way
Right from time, they made me grow up with inferiority complex
Because they always pictured me different

But some how life found a way
For me to say what I feel deep within
A way for even me in their eyes to have my voice
And I am doing it and don't know when it stop

The wise say, you could be sent to heaven somedays for this
At this point, I think that doesn't bother me much
My regrets, is saying words that ends up hurting you, for I should be your strength
When you are weak.
And not even saying anything at all.

I am a thinking being
Having my own opinions too and stop feeling intimidated in the process.

Like the flying eagle, there's a tendency that I will always land
But a possibility also that I will rise to find a way to fly again!

I am here to be understood and misunderstood at same time.

I love you for taking side with any