I write with grief
My ink flows with tears but not life
And my heart goes cold and broken
For Ruth Tyo.

I mourn with your family course mate
It hurt to know now that you were a part of me
Always present in every meeting
And with a mark of the mysterious being (death) resting on you
You stared at me yet I never noticed you
Nor the pains and fears inside of you.
Sure it was your turn
Your call to pick
A feeling no mortal can explain.
In agony and with a pitiful look
A wish for a second chance was written over you on that day
It was a day for the creation to return to the creator
A decision that if it be in our power
A no would’ve been the reply
But the lord decide
And here we are to bid a comrade goodbye.

Today a gift the world welcomed
Some years back becomes its guidance.
I can see you watching over us
As I look up unto the sad sky with its teary eyes,
Crying over your demise
Though you are now hers to keep safe
From the errors and the evil that man does
Indeed you are free.
But can we whole heartedly understand that?
What can one say to your family at the moment?
To cure them of the sorrows of their grieving
The pains deep
But you said to gather in your name
And here we are, dress in departmental wear.
Being graced to answer your call
I pray that God in his mercies will grant you perfect peace
And may you rise to shine among the angels
Rest in peace
See you in heaven.