Longings I bear for ought I have,
Wilfully the path of today walked upon,
Fears I had were unclothed of me,
Standing vulnerable & naked viz a newborn.

Like the frozen peaks that melt by drop,
That drop I am in search of another,
The another being you, miles afar yet together,
Naught in dismay, naught in despair
Just the dear hope, trust and eclair-affair.

Travelled I have through the brook,
That sings its melody immensely sweet,
Its course uncertain and unpredictable,
brought growth and crucified many a feat.

Through curtains & veils were we disclosed,
To ourselves of past & humble morrow,
Memories we created quite a few
Imprinted on thine-my soul evermore
Through patience and faith but nay regretful sorrow.

Tarry we cannot, nay should be bound,
Of empty promises & far-off desires,
But I must confess a truth too harsh,
Fairy tales be false as be pain-bereft love,
'To', being in ourselves' hearts, a flame that never grows cold...

~The Though Magician