Imagine love in autumn
You just imagine
Two seated on a bench
On a bright breezy day
With the branches of the tall trees
Gently swaying in the breeze
The comforting shade
Of the interlocking canopy
Creating a serene sensual atmosphere
As the birds cheerfully sing
And leaves gently dancing
Onto the yellow leafy carpet
Laying widely across the arboretum

She turns to face him
Across the left side of the bench
Slinging her long silky hair over the shoulder
She swings her arm
As if to conduct an orchestra
Lands it around his shoulder
He moves a little more closer
With his eyes locked in hers
He keeps the gaze
Their facial muscles widely stretch
And their thoughts became transparent
Their hearts sang a love song
And her shiny lips danced to the rhythm
With her eyes closed
And hands around his neck
Une belle scène d'amour
A torrid love scene created
And like an inevitable force
There was no resistance
Satisfying burning emotions
With an air of love all around in the fall
And come to a realization that
You're just imagining