Who is Solomon Sakyi

Solomon Sakyi, also known as Stix is a Ghanaian. He went to Achimota School and offered General Arts. Solomon resides at Tema, Ghana. Among many passions, Stix loves creative writing and has written many commendable pieces...
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Solomon Sakyi Poems

  • One Chance
    If I could get a chance
    A chance to show how much I love you
    To tell you love tales that have never been heard
    And be with you till there's no more time ...
  • Lost Pride
    My grandfather told me
    It was never so
    The land was rich and filled with honey
    There was neither too rich nor poor ...
  • Born To Fight
    I'm a soldier, long before birth, I've been
    Swam with thousands of my kind
    First ever victory to be seen
    A tough race of an egg to find ...
  • What Is Today?
    Standing right on 00:05 by the clock
    Nothing really seem to be my shock
    But it appears a wonder
    How today is missing from the calendar ...
  • A New Dawn
    I wish I could say a goodbye
    Yes, maybe I could

    Goodbye to the one that brought darkness and sorrow ...
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