We started from the street
Climbed mountains high to the peak
We look around before we speak
In all, greener pastures we seek
The suffering and the pain
The little that we can maintain
We split our wealth to sustain
Though not enough we gain
We work hard but we achieve brief
We strive to find someone to share our grief
Sometimes very deep we need to creep
Who is on the watch? We stood to peep
And then the next...
A bucket full of sweat
As they hawk and prevent the threat
From disfigured places we woke up in the morning
Even till now we keep yawning
Uncomfortable sleep we had
Yet still stood up to work hard
And here we are trying to put pennies in the pocket
It has been like this right from the onset
We retire late after sunset
And wait on the crow of the cock for another set
We move on not knowing where we are headed
Yet, we keep hoping for brighter days ahead