I want to walk alone.
Walk to a lonely place, void of man.
A place where the heartbeat makes the most noise.
I want to go far from the reach of no man.
Go away from the world.
Far from the sight of men.
Where the ungrateful shall not smell my fragrance.
Where I may be a friend to the plants and the birds.
The hypocrites can save their crocodile tears meant for my burial.
I don't want to see the wicked use big money for my funeral.
I don't want to hear the mean sing praises of my past.
I don't want to be adorned with gold and diamond jewels when I have no life.
I want my body to serve the scavenger with food for he may appreciate it someday.
So I just want to go far away to make my wish come true.
All I want is...
A lonely place to die