Sonnet 75: Of All The Kings Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Of all the kings that ever here did reignA
Edward nam'd Fourth as first in praise I nameB
Not for his fair outside nor well lin'd brainA
Although less gifts imp feathers oft on FameB
Nor that he could young wise wise valiant frameB
His sire's revenge join'd with a kingdom's gainA
And gain'd by Mars could yet mad Mars so tameB
That balance weigh'd what sword did late obtainA
Nor that he made the Flow'r de luce so 'fraidC
Though strongly hedg'd of bloody Lion's pawsD
That witty Lewis to him a tribute paidC
Nor this nor that nor any such small causeE
But only for this worthy knight durst proveF
To lose his crown rather than fail his loveG

Sir Philip Sidney


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