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juanwitt: "Only actions give life strength; only moderation gives it a charm." - Jean Paul Richter "They are never alone that are accompanied with noble thoughts." - Sir Philip Sidney

aldaily: For Hume, poets were “liars by profession.” For Sir Philip Sidney, the poet "affirmeth" nothing and "therefore never lieth.” When, exactly, does literature lie?

JuanaGa61795331: For Hume, poets were “liars by profession.” For Sir Philip Sidney, the poet "affirmeth" nothing and "therefore never lieth.” When, exactly, does literature lie?

philosophynws: For Hume, poets were “liars by profession.” For Sir Philip Sidney, the poet "affirmeth" nothing and "therefore never lieth.” When, exactly, does literature lie?: For Hume, poets were “liars by profession.” For Sir Philip Sidney, the poet…

Kairpra: Fool," said my muse to me. "Look in thy heart and write. Sir Philip Sidney, Astrophel And Stella

orapronobisdeum: At length to love’s decrees I, forced, agreed, Yet with repining at so partial lot. Now even that footstep of lost liberty Is gone, and now like slave-born Muscovite I call it praise to suffer tyranny - Sir Philip Sidney

orapronobisdeum: Speaking of sonnets, this is my favorite: from Astrophel and Stella, Sir Philip Sidney

DrAbeDavies: G. W. Pigman III on the Oxford volume of elegies celebrating Sir Philip Sidney, which was pipped to the post by Cambridge's by over a year: 'The most genuine emotion in much of the /Exequiae/ is irritation at Cambridge.'

SchoolDepotCoUk: Sidney, Sir Philip

EpzGlobal: "In the performance of a good action a man not only benefits himself, but he confers a blessing on others" Sir Philip Sidney

historylitmed: Adam considers poetry and the trope of ‘rhyming to death’ used by Swift and, earlier, Sir Philip Sidney

mi_mcca: It is the nature of the strong heart, that like the palm tree it strives ever upwards when it is most burdened. - Sir Philip Sidney

RobertHWoodman: No sword bites so fiercely as an evil tongue. ~Sir Philip Sidney

KworldMy: Seriously, Alexander Pope and Sir Philip Sidney,... why couldn't they appear on the exam???

patrickbitature: "Each excellent thing, once learned , serves for a measure of all other knowledge." Sir Philip Sidney. Here's to being excellent this week. Good morning everyone.

oshawols: nothing against sir philip sidney but I'm so tired of an apology for poetry ugh

Artemis93159239: ‘My true love hath my heart and I have his ... ...His heart in me keeps me and him in one; My heart in him his thoughts and senses guides: He loves my heart, for once it was his own; I cherish his because in me it bides’ ... [Sir Philip Sidney]

raitogroyper: Imagine wasting all that time reading Sir Philip Sidney's Arcadia and still writing like a BAP orbiter. Should've kept it Wikipedia.

Shakespeare: No one on bumble believes I’m really me. I kept getting reported and banned. Now I’m on bumble as “Sir Philip Sidney.”

JeffreyShoulson: Today’s Poem - Seventh Song –Sir Philip Sidney Whose sense in so evil consort, their stepdame Nature lays, That ravishing delight in them most sweet tunes do not raise; Or if they do delight therein, yet are so cloyed with wit, As with...

bookbread: Fresh from Bookbread: Two Views of Arcadia from "Heidi," and Sir. Philip Sidney:

MAlhamalawy: Love is not dead but sleepeth Sir Philip Sidney

lee_durkee: My attempt to find the long lost portrait of Sir Philip Sidney painted by the Italian master Paolo Veronese. Waiting to hear back from the experts.

_birkimse: Are u readyyyyyyy Sir Philip Sidney?

_birkimse: What do u think about poetry? Is it mother of lies or nurse of abuse? Is Stephen Gosson right or Sir Philip Sidney? Why? Explain it with textual evidence. 30 point.

ThomasBolt: “Feare is more paine, then is the paine it feares,” - Sir Philip Sidney, The Countess of Pembroke’s Arcadia (via talesofpassingtime)

MrAlexanderPope: Behold! This Week-End I host a literary Salon at my TWIT'NAM Villa, featuring the holographic Spectre of Sir Philip SIDNEY.

devine_shane_: his widowed wife married the man who Shakespeare later made the overseer of his will. & Bruno spent time with Sir Philip Sidney when he traveled to England. The more one looks into it, the more the modern world seems to be based on a mystical vision rather than pure empiricism.

BushraTayyaba77: A Short Analysis of Sir Philip Sidney's 'My True Love Hath My Heart' - Interesting Literature

poetictouch: Astrophil and Stella - Sonnet 53 by Sir Philip Sidney - Read by Richard Mitchley

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Mine eyes, like clouds, were drizzling rain;
And as they thus did entertain
The gentle beams from Julia's sight
To mine eyes levell'd opposite,
O thing admir'd! there did appear
A curious rainbow smiling there;
Which was the covenant that she
No more would drown mine eyes or me.

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