What edge has the pledge
Given to those without edge?
For everyday we make promises
But in pity, we live in shanty premises

He came with his quotes
And told us it was all about our votes
But In truth
Alas! He was a brute

Four years are in our past
And now the die is cast
Who will bell the cat
And take away his hat?

I hear that he is sick
But sadly, time refuses to tick
Our agony is rife
You could even cut it with a knife

Of what value is the rule of law
Where there is no law?
Or equity
Where there is no equality?

Of what value is unity
Where there is no security?
Or endless enactments
Where there are no true judgments?

Of what value is Nigeria
When we live in phobia?
This is no hate speech
A lesson I mean to teach

Beware! For when they talk about justice
All they want is the office
When they talk about employment
All they care about is impoverishment

I am not afraid
My thoughts I have laid
They can send the military
I refuse to cower and be jittery.