Where does the world search for me? How does the world
Know in what intoxications I breath my life now leaving all
Old intoxications behind. Who know what memories I carry in
My pocket? Who knows in what families of stones
I beg for r tears holding my heart in hands.

The heart that emptied all its pains before is refilling them once more.
I yearned to leave myself and merge into another but I did not find
Another who would leave oneself to merge into me.

Today when my soul has jumped into flames
And emerged as pure molten gold, my words
Spit the fire of experience.

Who knows having lost each one and everything
Here, I am journeying into another country and time.
Who knows that man is solitary in the adventure of scaling
The peaks of life. And does one know that the mystery
Of his word is his cross?

-Seshendra Sharma