Lamp you are the symbol of the arrival of night and with it
The arrival of my beloved, the scented breathe of my living time-
That is why my heart worships you. You are the heralder of night,
You are the singer of the Upanishad of love; creator made you only for unions.

In your hazy shadows, a little smile intoxicates a whole body,
In some eyes magic shimmers, songs drop from the stars-
That maiden, who decked herself above her breasts with
Two flirtatious eyes resemble fishes. Appears like the very axel
on which The entire wheel of the world revolves-

the blood lying imprisoned in my body stares on
with rapacious eyes, all the artistic curvatures displayed
on the aesthetics of her body by the Menaka of wine waltzing
in the lalique glass-
all the stars descend from the sky and sleep lying
over the still waters of the lake of my consciousness.

I too, take leave of the seven sages shining in the sky
And become liquor and flow into
the bottle emptied of even the last drop-
- Seshendra Sharma