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Visionary Poet of the Millennium /An Indian poet Prophet / http://seshendrasharma.weebly.com/ Seshendra Sharma( గుంటూరు శేషేంద శర్మ) better known as Seshendra is a colossus of Modern Indian poetry. His literature is a unique blend of the best of poetry and poetics. Diversity and depth of his literary interests and his works are perhaps hitherto unknown in Indian literature. From poetry to poetics, from Mantra Sastra to Marxist Politics his writings bear an unnerving pprint of his rare genius.T.S.Eliot , Archbald Macleish and Seshendra Sharma are trinity of world poetry and Poetics ...
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  • Do You Know Hunger ?
    Do you know that there is hunger?

    Do you know that there is thirst and that the two
  • Gorilla - 18
    What does it matter if they are black they live in golden rays. They are the salts of this soil; the sun burning over their heads is their magnificent crown. They have muscles. Don’t you know? And when those muscles wake up and flow forward like flood, their power can be known – you may think they are a handful of clay but I am with them.
    I make faces of gods with human clay. I sculpture the idol of man with the tool of pain – I have stringed my bow and I am searching for the target. You cannot read my mind until I strike.
    Take heed, poetry is not just an art of spinning cut words from cotton. Poem in your hands is an instrument of flattery the poem in my hands is the roar of the Gorilla. Come before the flames of my fury then you shall know.
    The athletic bodied god at the furnace is producing with every stroke of the hammer, angels of metal, guns , canons , daggers , spears and arrows. They are rushing out like armies from the worlds of the fire, spelling disasters to the actors who are freely romping around in the costumes of poets and leaders ...
  • Turned Into Water And Fled Away-3
    On my memory a pillar broke and crashed, grass grew on my voice, the cows grazed and gave milk to the children o the earth; in the throats of the children my voice sprouted as poems - and gold fainted on them; god entered Kalidas and washed his hands with tears
    I heaped up all the drops of my tears like oceans of rose on the table, gold in the west looked at them and killed itself
    Here beams of light do not let my dreams sprout I will grow them in the dark earth of distant worlds. I will go into my grave
    With storms of gold I wash my grave; I adorn it with the wings of centuries. I fill it with famed suicides . I cut my head overflowing with locks of light and, placing it in a bejeweled platter offer it ...
  • The Epic Waves Of The People
    I am now alone and gathering silences in voidity,

    I am carrying the distance upon my shoulders dragging my feet
  • Unique Word - Exalted Tones
    To achieve this one unique word you do not

    know how much, how hard I had to dig into
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