Orphans Of My Dreams Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I thought dreams always come trueA
But this time mine seem to tumbleB
Driving my heart into turmoilC
For love i try and keep the fire burningD
To light up those pale faces of my childrenE
To whom my dreams deny attentionE
Sometimes I doubt my abilityF
To give my love unconditionallyF
For mine is bonded with dreamsG
Dreams that seem so real yet so farH
Only imagination gets me closerI
Yet close is never close enoughJ
For the love of my dreamsG
Oceans I have crossed and mountains scaledK
On red hot ashes I have steppedL
Blisters on my feet I mind notM
For I wish not to disappoint not only my soulN
But not least the orphans of my dreamsG
Only four months old I left my youngest daughterI
All she knows is a picture of a man called daddyF
A father running after his dreamsG
Time only will tell if those dreams willO
Be the cure of her lonely deprivationE
I wish I will in time give her time backP
Oh my big girls lovely girls they areH
They used to stalk me now i miss itQ
I never knew it could be so lonelyF
That unspoilt love that true love that I missR
That is the fire that is flaming in my heartS
I can't wait to put them in my firm embraceT
For my boys the treasure of my clan's survivalB
My dreams I wish they could carry throughA
My sins and failures forget for when I am goneU
My love will carry on will shine onV
Lighting your ways and dreamsG
For this orphanage that my dreams have establishedW

Seke Bharu
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 12/02/2019


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