Last night I went to da club,
With my African brothers and sisters, we gyrated to our music;
Dressed immaculate, they looked out of this world.
There goes my people I said, enjoying their sweat and toil.
I had fifty dollars on me, I bought myself a night of joy,
The hiatus from a prosaic servitude.

I woke up this morning, struggling through a hangover.
Flipping through the channels of my flat screen,
ABC feed the children program, catches my attention.
A minute of watching, I flip past....
I know these pictures first hand,
But I shun to watch them again....
They are pictures of me;
I guess I am just like all my people, selfish inside.

My heart aches, I have a feeling inside that tears me apart,
I flip back to watch the suffering African child.
The White American pleads with me for nine dollars
I know I can do it, but why don't I,
Why don't they, tears run down?
I, like many others, abandoned my patriotism;
Left home to pursue a dream to better life
I live it, spend it and never give it back.

God gives us the calls, and gives us the blessings
When we accept them, we hope to do the best to serve him;
Always, we phenomenally forget our purposes.
And we let the world and its opportunities roll by,
This unfortunate world we live in and not learn.

If we all gave a tear drop for our problems

Wouldn't we fill up a dam for the world to drink?
If we all gave up a meal a day
Wouldn't we eliminate hunger in a world that needs us?
If we would all give up a night of joy
I know, I know we can illuminate
This sad universe with a wide smile.

How I wish God could bless, only those who heed his calls;
Those who give selflessly to the world beyond their borders;
Those who give hope even to a world that forgets itself.
I know my father meant to teach, when
He told me to be good to those I leave behind,
Because where I go, it's darkness.

Today I feel challenged as an African,
I keep running from my problems, who will solve them for me?
I keep pretending everything is alright
But cover my face when it's time to look at life in the face
Cowards, African cowards, we need to rise up to the challenge.

We run away from the rulers of doom
Give up our birth right to treachery and cowardice
We land in the land of beauty, beautify it we do
We blind our imagination to the bright lights
So down goes our dreams, our children,
The future of the Dark Continent.