I will always remember dad
You watching over me like a hawk
Drawing my boundaries, fencing my peripherals
You carried me so much, and every one of us
I don’t begrudge you, for loving your load.

Your firm discipline, unwavering justice
Never did it make me love you less
Always my hero, my superman
Nothing you couldn’t do
You could win any battle, any war
Could turn day into night
You were the king of my jungle.

I remember whining
Crying, daddy I ain’t grown enough
You said I would grow soon,
And soon you said goodbye
Away and alone your heart gave in
To a love so heavily violent.
You just left all of us, to grow, soon.

I have walked all the way, this journey
I see paradise in the horizon
I can feel the cool breeze of the River Nile
I sense the delectation's of victory
Yet for some reason I feel tired
My knees powerless, my mind blank,
I look up to you, checking out your whip
For only its lash will drive me forward.

Shingi gave up on me, he let me down
Never got ill, never failed to get a shoulder,
Mine was his, like his was mine.
Never consulted, he just took away
Ate up the whole tribe’s heart
All by himself, all for himself
He left me all alone, all by myself.

The army that you left me
I have tried to arm, unbelievable
Some have dropped their guns
Some don’t wanna fight,
My voice has grown hoarse
My commands all in-vain
I don’t wanna lose this battle.

I hear you dad, I listen for you every moment
I can still hear your voice, though distant
Telling me I will grow soon.
But now I really need you
To carry me a little, high on your shoulders
For my knees are numb
My feet ache on every step.