I can hear them, these voices
Their devilish whispers torment my soul’s ear.
They tell me it is impossible
They tell it to my ear, that it’s not worth
They incarcerate my heart, my soul.
When I ignore them, they howl
They pound my heard, they chop my brain,
My life feels like a roller coaster ride.
One minute I feel like throwing up,
The next feels like Ecstasy.
I clutch to the intestines of my soul, so hard
My palms sweat, my muscles ache.
I fight, I pray, I hate to lose
This is my war, my battle,
I am a one man cavalry
Fighting unscrupulous demons
Sneaky enemies, skinless cowards
They wear me down to my bare bones, but
I stand up, I fight for myself
I hear the melody of my dream song
But I just can’t get the lyrics.
I try anyway, I stitch them, patch them,
These are my words, they are my masters