Value of literature is above precious ruby,
It voice higher than the dictation of God,
So timeless, with in-depth human undergo,
Worthy of deep cerebral feelings to deal
Of romance, human history and the creation.

Community of mutual head is what it sets,
In words, through themes and sentiments
Among those who reads and the writer,
Altering the state of mind with a new outlook
Filled with satisfaction, peace and an ease.

It is something that disseminate values,
The values of real world that are around us
To reflect back and create sense out of it,
Reinforcing for revitalization of one's brain
Through values in literature to value life.

It paints the image in the mind of its readers
Through rhythmic tones and meters to value,
Of varied walks of culture beyond horizon
And to interpret its art form into messages,
Of love and war that ever survived before.

More than anything, it thrives one's mind
To make any readers creative and decisive,
In realizing its design with empathy,
To advance values of life within readers,
So uniquely, to change the way of the world.

By Santosh Kumar Biswa