Love is a journey, only few dispatch it,
Not all can, the dream in life who loves,
Although millions of promises created.
It's fragile like a narrow glass, easily smart,
Once broken, irreparable shard it becomes.

Love should be examined in readiness,
In the likeness of God's image, so unique,
Committed to endeavor until the leas,
Not too brisk until your real unity is signed
Never to fell wrath upon a minor dispute.

Love should be of pleasent taste - pleasing,
Not like the sun that comes and passes.
Like in the summer the mighty snow flows
It shouldn't work, but like the flowing river
That stream upon the change of its form.

Be the sun that brighten when in love
If ever it turns to be the moon - too stiff. Better be the flavored verses like in poetry
Of sweet melodies that glorify one's mind
Not to add less like stars away from you.

You should be immortal Daphne, fully moist,
And your lover be like the well-drained soil,
Adorned by god like to Alcyone and Ceyx,
Not that of Apollo And Daphne that failed
And an infidel Zeus and jealous Hera.

By being passionate, glorify it like Cupid
To impress, filled with desire and draw,
And like Psyche of welcoming soul to lover -
Symbolic, that last forever, somewhat to utter
And take an example of love that never was.

Poem by Santosh Kumar Biswa