I tried going to sleep
With my head on a sleepless pillow;
My eyes had become so heavy
While staring at the crying pillow
That have not been in use for years.

Previously I was alone in a silent street
That looks so scary and frightening
Only to see another frightening scene
Where gentle angry masquerade dance
I tried running but there was no chance .

Then I heard a boy screamed from a distance
So I tried bringing him close to me
Only to realize it was the real me
He said:you have just one option
Which says cut the assumption.

Aargh........!!! I kept screaming
Only to wake up and realize I was dreaming
I can't imagine myself being frighten
By a funny creature I have been imagining
All by myself on a sleepless pillow.

Though I don't believe in nightmare
Cause I see them as something mere
But I must be sincerely fair
That I couldn't get back to sleep that night
Maybe because it was a sleepless night....