In life you would surely have friends
If you don't friend,you will be befriend
This is what we call friendship
A mutual affection that leads to relationship.

I have a friend whom to me she is a mirror,
So is she also nothing but a shadow.
She doesn't lie just as miror does not
But,will stand with me in time of pain and joy
Just like my shadow would leave me not.

She is a friend;she is my best
'Cause she always wish me the best.
I must confess that you are love
And i won't stop showing you love.

Friendship is a very important force for progress
That is why we are nothing but success.
We are built on the foundation of love
And its our nature to express love.

We are not built on the foundation of attraction
But that of value,progress and good relation.
We are not interested on our physical appearance
Neither are we interested on what to take as an assurance
But,upon who we are from within clearance.

Though we always have a fight
So do we curse ourself
Yet we would still talk at night
And wouldn't fail to hug ourself.

Even when we see no more
I would still love to know you more
Because,you have become in me a part
And I wouldn't want us to depart.

I hope till we die;we remain friends
And then hope we stay ghost friends:
Walking through walls together,
Scaring shit out of the worst together
And placing joy in the life of the just together..