On My 7th you left for mysterious adventure,
To a land that only God knows;
Broken has the chain that tied us,
your memories we can only connect to;

We wish we had muscles to have hold back you,
From the icy hands of the deadly kidnapper,
But our hands were frailed to have grab you;
Now it feels incredible seeing you walk forever;

With bleeding eyes and grieving hearts,
We gravely gaze old and new photos of us,
Giving us a flashback of our days in Zion,
Where our saccharine unity began;

You was a genial & altruistic gal;
You was so eloquent and talented;
Very smart and was never proud;
Bored and crappy with you was no moment;

You was a true product of a good friend;
Your space in our hearts no one'll ever occupy;
Rest in perpetual peace where ever you are;
One day we shall see again Estella Kolubah.