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By way of preamble,my name is Samuel Lomax, I'm a Liberian currently residing in Liberia; Likewise, I'm a junior candidate of BSC. at the university of Liberia,where I'm majoring Biology and minoring Medical science. Poetry is part of my life. ...
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  • Mood-change
    When you was away from me,
    Lot of point I had claimed;
    Many days I've bragged of not accepting you,
  • I'm Hungry
    My thirst and hunger,
    Just stir me again,
    Like electric shock,
    The impact seems so massive, ...
  • May 7th
    On My 7th you left for mysterious adventure,
    To a land that only God knows;
    Broken has the chain that tied us,
    your memories we can only connect to; ...
  • Love
    Long live the bridge of two paired souls;
    From a distance often love signals,
    Like spark of light fulfailing fate of two souls;
    Yet with no conditions or codes,love inspires, ...
  • Believe
    Even if repudiated you've been by many people
    Even if everyone spurned to stand with you
    Even if the process seems slow
    Even if you've tried numerous times dude ...
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Soul 3 Stand 2 Drink 2 Live 2 Good 2 Long 2 Great 2 Deep 1 Absolutely 1 Slow 1

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