A Perplexed Mash Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis

Rhyme Scheme: A B C D E F C

May be not the eventual affection of my life but hodiernal he is the one about whom i can't hold up fantasizingA
Thinking as to how much I sec by sec falling for him and vice versa from his corner xDB
My curiosities have added these three more questions When How and Why I fell for this manC
Albeit I have consider myself from his side and the repercussions followed that I always end up becoming a pessimist regards myself LolD
As far as i know him i conjecture his beats will never gonna hasten upon seeing me he will never gonna feel those butterflies which use to vicissitude in my mind and heart whenever I even heard see read or feel himE
Well Its already am and i am not able to prepare myself to sleep phewwF
May be this one sided love a dead ringer of karma going on but i know myself already fell for this guy and i simply can not interpret myself from loving this manC

Sakshi Singh
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 05/29/2019


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