Sakshi Singh Poems

  • 1.
    pondering about errs like never before
    feeling deserted and besotted like never felt

    urging him, just come and hold
  • 2.
    He resembles! He resembles quite like him.

    The first day i light my sight on him, i can explicitly see 'him'.

  • 3.
    there she was.
    "i didn't recognize you" me replying to her self-praising question of "see what i wear"

    -After a small datum-
  • 4.
    Nonchalant, i was just working out,
    was lied and smiling at some shit of my trainer.

    He, doing something biceps or triceps, standing behind the curtain, looking at me, i, coincidentally, looked at him but instantly took off my eyes as of thinking it to be just one of those random eye contacts guys make.
  • 5.
    May be not the eventual affection of my life but hodiernal, he is the one about whom i can't hold up fantasizing!

    Thinking as to how much I, sec by sec, falling for him and vice-versa from his corner xD

  • 6.
    Is this he, who's endeavouring to be cute round-the-clock or is it me making him prodigy from dusk till dawn.

    I ain't someone who used to extoll somebody unless there's an infatuation but this prejudiced nexus has the vigor to let me down into him and bank me on , this is making me to have an aerial talk suo moto.

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