Falling Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


I am a portrait of youA
That's what kept flying through my earsB
Even before I learnt to walk or talkC
But each time I cast my mind backD
The structure that you tried to put upE
The foundation you laidF
Has fallen completely apart by your own handsG
So how can I be a chip of the old blockH
When you put everything to self destructI
Your house was washed ashoreJ
By your own raged wavesK
You stored angerL
On the anchor that was meantM
To hold the storm in your sailsN
So she the one you carelessly sent off your shipO
Joined another sail and Surfed to a treasure islandP
And now you are wreckedQ
Left alone on a no man's landR
Trying to find your way back homeS
From being washed ashore to loneliness and regretsT
Abandoned your only son in the middle of no whereU
With his feet dangling in the airU
Struggling to swim away fromV
This deserted barren piece of landR
Suffocating and gasping for breathW
To escape drowning in thisX
Sands of timeY
This quicksand you plantedZ
Under my feet has reachedA2
The peak of cultivationB2
And it keeps yielding hold backsC2
And blockages from attaining goalsD2
Embrace me into your warm armsE2
You are made of thorns and iceF2
Always cold towards meG2
Like you love me more than lifeH2
Stay away from me I want to be with youA
I despise you you are my first loveI2
You showed me no loveI2
Yet I can not hate youA
For blood they say is thicker than waterL

S Kojo Frimpong
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 05/27/2021

Poet's note: This poem is about the effect of a broken home.


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