Vellore Days Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Two pairs of notebook four pairs of dressA
Matching top with footwear was a worry BUT there was no stressA
Waking up for Am class was hard running to SJT was a painB
Skipping morning mess was must as puffs in breakfast were mainB
Late to the class Eyes searching for our gangC
Getting attendance was achievement then leaving for short break with a big bangC
Labs and projects were never serious faculties were way too rudeD
Mass bunking was happiness River View on a date or may be for Limra foodD
Classroom looked awesomeE
When got a seat beside that someoneF
Connected with eyes two hearts talkedG
Only to meet after the class where there is no oneF
Then TT to Main Canteen they walked hand in handH
Several promises made to keep for life without even a wordI
Maggi was lifeline those late night messages chatsJ
How I miss everything which were the best daysK
CATs were damn scary as they were rating usL
All tensions flew away with one hug from our loving onesM
Pens were knife mobiles were our swordN
We played stupid Facebook games when we all got boredN
One crush per semester one teacher very hotO
Wardens went insane when in disciplinary activities were caughtO
Noisy crow caws and guards loudly whistlesP
Only to act as villain between public kissesQ
Thankful to all friends love and lots of blissR
Bidding adieu with lots of memories to cherishS
Oh VIT my college no one can ever do how you made me smileT
Hope to see you soon again atleast for a whileT

Roshni Kumari
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 05/21/2019


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