Roshni Kumari Poems

  • 1.
    Love brings pain so wonderful,
    Making life such beautiful!
    This heart hurts so good,
    Causing pain that reminds me of you.
  • 2.
    Sun is not locked down,
    Nature is not locked down,
    Season is not locked down,
    Dear mankind, you need not frown.
  • 3.
    The dreams I saw for you, through my eyes,
    You don’t have to stay watching..
    “Who are you to me?”
    You don’t have to either tell the stories..
  • 4.
    On an eye’s wink, you were away,
    But deep in my beats, you will always stay.

    I feel your smile, rest upon my face.
  • 5.
    When I first saw you,
    I felt like I had known you forever.
    That moment still flash-by my eyes,
    Reminding me of your smile ever and ever.
  • 6.
    Two pairs of notebook, four pairs of dress,
    Matching top with footwear was a worry, BUT there was no stress.

    Waking up for 8 Am class was hard, running to SJT was a pain,
  • 7.
    जो तुम प्रेम से मुँह मोड़ सन्यास ले लिए, तो मैं प्रेम की आस किससे करूँगी?
    जो तुम माला जपोगे, तो मैं नाम किसका दोहराऊँगी?
    जो ख़ुद को क़समों में बाँध लिए, तो मैं रस्में किसके संग निभाऊँगी?
    पर जो तुम रुक कर ये हाथ थाम लो, तो वचन है आजीवन सेवा तुम्हारी करूँगी।
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