The dreams I saw for you, through my eyes,
You don’t have to stay watching..
“Who are you to me?”
You don’t have to either tell the stories..

You can feel the song humming between us,
But you don’t have to sing along either.
You can walk behind me for no reason,
But you don’t have to dance along.

You don’t have to say adieu,
You can just turn around and see.
You don’t need to seek permission,
For, your eyes can touch me.

You interpret the confabulation,
In my heart without disagreement,
You don’t say anything to me,
But I get all your concurrence.
The silence in this relationship
Will explain what you mean to me.

Can you see me without looking into my eyes?
The dew, is it a tear drop?
My wish, is that you?
With all the hesitation, I still choose to softly trill.
For this song is mine,
Forever mine.