You are the first one
That I seek in the morning
One that keeps
My day going.

You are one of the last things
In my mind in the evening
One that suppresses me
From yawning.

They like you
For what you are
All that black silkiness
That soothes body and soul.

I feel better
When you are mixed with white
That delights
My lips and tongue.

My friend takes you
As a whole
All bitter
But tames you
With sweetie
And wraps you
With whitie
Blackie or brownie.

The corporate world
Dresses you
In so many ways
That catch the eyes of the consumers.

They name you
In various languages
And refined.

You are in the Malacanang Palace
House of Windsor, White House
And Imperial House
Sitting on the side
So still
Afraid to make a spill
On the laws to be enacted
And implemented.

Mingles with the Members of the Upper House
And Lower House
The House of Lords and House of Commons
Ignites their senses
To tackle issues of national interests
That will make them
Honorable and dishonorable.

Tingles the mind
Of the members of the bench
A writer and researcher
And burn their eyebrows
At night until dawn.

Keeps the surgical team alert
For the intense times
But drop you
Like a hot potato
When they are calledto perform.

A silent partner
Of a fisherman and farmer
But keeps you on the run
With a driver
And commuter.

They could never drop you like a hat
When students are cramming
For upcoming exams
And teachers are overflowing
With lesson plans.

My godfather always asks for you
At the Stripper's Club
When he kills the night
At the Five Star Hotel and Casino
When he grasps and tosses the dice
At the Travel Shops
When he soars
The one hundred must see places
Of the world before one dies.

People search for you
In the jungle
In the upland and lowland
Even in the ass and poop
Of a lowly Asian cat-like animal.

Oh, the magic of coffee
And its aroma
You bring gold
In every businessman's coffers
You are one of a kind
The most traded
And sought after commodity
In the entire humanity.

Copyright 2018, Rose Marie Juan-Austin, All Rights Reserved