I am old and alone
Rich and yet lonely
Nothing to do
Except to wait my time
To meet His Divine.

I looked for diversion
And I found you just in time
I wonder why
So many people flocked to you
Was it for amusement or fortune
I don't know.

Like a magnet
I was drawn to you
You entered my life
And I was sucked
Into my own world of fun.

You bring extreme joy
To the heart of my very being
When I am with you
I have a fountain of youth
So relaxed
Yet so giddy.

I am always excited
To be in your corner
Like a teen age boy
Going on his first date.

Whenever I enter your house
It amazes me
And everything fades from view
But only you.

We played with sheer eagerness
Under your roof
Illuminated with fancy stars
Then I heard a roar
Or was it a thunder
That came out of nowhere.

My head
Suddenly spin
With the million of spins
I have ever seen.

People came like paparazzi
My world seemed to cease
But I seized it
In just a blink of an eye
My fortune increased
To thousandfold.

I tasted the beginner's luck
And I played with you
More, more and more
I became greedy as hell.

I stayed with you at daytime
Noontime and nighttime
The fortune
That I got in an instant
Is all gone.

I visited you four days a week
Other days were spent solely in my bed
Too hard to get up on my butt
Except when there are perks
That can lure me up.

I love the action to death
But because of exhaustion
It is no longer relaxation
It ends up to sleep deprivation.

But whatever I do
I can't get you out of my mind
I never stopped wanting you
Whenever I lose my bankroll
I will put more to make it roll.

I embarked all my fortune in you
I played and put at one fell swoop
Hoping I could amass
All the wealth on earth.

But in one heartbeat
I was doomed
To the status of a bankrupt man
Lonely and destitute
Citizen of my Motherland.

Copyright 2017, Rose Marie Juan- Austin, All Rights Reserved