Philippines Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


She was broken upA
Into seven thousandB
One hundred seven piecesC
Of unproportionate sizesC
Mother Nature compensated herD
With the longest coastlineE
In the whole worldF
The deepest pointG
On the planetH
That man can ever diveI
And the most biologically diverseJ
Waters of Mother EarthK
More diverse than the cloudsL
And stars aboveM
She is as pureN
And beautifulO
As the Mother PearlP
Lying in the heartQ
Of the Orient SeasR
Her beauty captivated millionsS
They want herD
Keep herD
As their very ownT
But her beautyU
Has its own curseJ
Nature puts herD
On fireD
On the edgesC
Of the largest ocean on EarthK
In the Pacific Ring Of FireD
She is as just bigV
As the Mini MouseW
Compared with the GiantPandaU
Its breadth and dimensionX
Have been laid downY
Since time immemorialO
In accordance with the laws of men and GodU
Anchored by the valuesZ
Of equality and respectU
Her territorial jurisdictionX
Is just enough for her children to settleO
And divide among themselvesA2
Yet super powersB2
Of different colors wantU
Her bluest seasR
Her whitest shoresC2
Her longest coastlineE
Her deepest watersB2
Her volcano which peakD2
Claims the sky with theE2
Most perfect cone in the whole worldU
And that Philippine EagleO
That soars and dominates the vastnessF2
Of the sky the largest of all EaglesG2
With its mighty wingsH2
It can even reach the heavens aboveM
Oh Our beloved PhilippinesI2
We love and adoreJ2
In your great bosomK2
We seek refugeL2
And solaceF2
Your beautyU
Gives us a taste of heavenX
Your loveM
Gives us the strength to conquer all evilsG2
No manM2
No nationX
Could ever take your placeN2
In our heartsO2
In our mindsP2
Even in our very soulsQ2
No manM2
No nationX
Could ever conquerD
You once moreJ2
Under the mighty handsR2
Of super powersB2
We would rather dieU
A zillion timesS2
Every single fish and grain of sandU
In your seas and oceanX
Every bird that fliesT2
Above your skyU
Every fauna and floraE2
In your forestsU2
Every FilipinoV2
From Womb To TombW2
We shall protect and respectU
Until our last breathX2
These we swearY2
Under the nameZ2
Of our heroes and ancestorsB2
The Youth to whomW2
Our hopes and burning dreamsA3
Will continueB3
To all Overseas Filipino WorkersB2
Who sacrificed the comfort of your loveM
For posterity of one's country and familyU
And to the One AboveM
Our Almighty GodU
Copyright Rose Marie Juan Austin All Rights ReservedU

Rose Marie Juan Austin


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